What is included in the registration fee?

Our virtual conference all-access pass provides you full access to all keynotes, case studies and breakout sessions

Are there discounts for group registrations?

Yes! Kindly speak with Ren Torres, Project Manager for exclusive group registration packages or simply call us at +65 6423 0329.

How much does it cost to attend?

You may check out the rates here or contact Ren Torres, Project Manager to discuss group promotions.

Can participants download the videos?
Unfortunately, no. However, we will ensure that participants can log-in for a limited time post event and re-watch the sessions they are interested in.
If participants can have access to past recordings – how long AFTER the conference can they still access the videos on the virtual conference platform?
We’re looking at the industry standard of one-month post conference.
If the original person who signed up cannot attend, can he/she share his/her online user ID and login details for another colleague to dial in?
Yes. You can let a friend/colleague log in with your details, but note you will be automatically logged out if you try to log in from more than one device.
When will international delegates receive their log in instructions?
Details of the log in guideline will be sent to delegates approximately two weeks prior to the event date.
Will there be ‘notes’ or ‘presentations’ that participants can download? Or will it be sent to them?
Yes, like all our conferences, approved speaker presentations will be made available to delegates post-event, upon completion of our feedback form.
Technically, is it possible for a single paid customer to log in from 2 or more devices to stream the virtual conference?
No, the system will log you out automatically if it detects two logins from the same ID.
Can I cancel my conference registration? What is your refund policy?
No cancellation is allowed upon registration. There will be no refund made for non-attendance; however, if you are unable to attend, you may assign your login details to another party. Note that our system will only accept one unique login per user at a time.