If I request an invitation, does it mean that my place is confirmed?
Please note that requesting an invitation does not confirm your place at the conference. You will hear from our team regarding the status of your registration. Your place at the conference is only confirmed once you have received the confirmation email.
What if I would like to bring a colleague or a friend along?

Please direct your colleague and/or friend to request an invitation to attend the conference.

How much does it cost to attend?

This is an exclusive invitation-only conference available at no cost to senior digital healthcare leaders and professionals who have registered. Technology companies and solution providers can reach out to the sponsorship and exhibition team for an opportunity to join us at the conference.

What if I can’t attend at the last minute?
Given the nature of our event, the success of our event is highly dependent on a full attendee turnout and commitment from each participant. If you are unable to attend at the last minute, we would appreciate if you could send someone from the IT department in your place.
If participants can have access to past recordings – how long AFTER the conference can they still access the videos on the virtual conference platform?
We’re looking at the industry standard of one-month post conference.
If the original person who signed up cannot attend, can he/she share his/her online user ID and login details for another colleague to dial in?
Yes. You can let a friend/colleague log in with your details, but note you will be automatically logged out if you try to log in from more than one device.
When will delegates receive their log in instructions?
Details of the log in guideline will be sent to delegates approximately two weeks prior to the event date.
Will there be ‘notes’ or ‘presentations’ that participants can download? Or will it be sent to them?
Yes, like all our conferences, approved speaker presentations will be made available to delegates post-event, upon completion of our feedback form.
Technically, is it possible for a participant to log in from 2 or more devices to stream the virtual conference?
No, the system will log you out automatically if it detects two logins from the same ID.
I want to attend! How can I?

Please complete the form here and our team will be in touch with you shortly.