Why Digital Healthcare is taking off

The last few years have seen significant advances in digital healthcare, from virtual and remote patient monitoring and care to wearable devices and distance healthcare education.

How Internet of Medical Things can be safely deployed

There are opportunities to leverage the IoT in the healthcare sector to improve patient lives, but doing so exposes unsupported devices to cyber risks.

Pakistan’s Shifa International Hospital builds digital healthcare platform on Oracle cloud

The eShifa Home Health Services application allows professional healthcare services to be easily accessible

Cyber criminals threatening to derail global vaccine certification efforts

Vaccine passports are now being considered as the most practical way to re-open borders.

Salesforce develops platform to help manage COVID vaccinations

Government agencies and public health providers are now able to manage mass vaccine administration efficiently

Thailand aims to leverage 5G tech to lead as an innovation-driven economy

The country wants to use 5G technology, together with analytics, to support various industries and become a medical hub for the region.