Agenda | DAY 2

8.50 am

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9.00 am

Opening Remarks


9.15 am

AI-powered virtual assistants: Managing patient expectations to deliver quick customer service

  • Resolving patient concerns faster than traditional methods
  • Providing automated conversational interactions with a quality experience of care
  • Eliminating human bias from interactions
Hoan My Medical Corporation - John Masud Parvez

Speaker: Dr. Robert MorrisSpeaker: Dr. Robert Morris

Chief Technology Strategist​
Ministry of Health Office for Healthcare Transformation (MOHT), Singapore

10.00 am

Designing interoperable telehealth platforms: Bridging IoT devices with cloud infrastructure

  • Integrating different technologies into a robust system
  • Centralising services and storage
  • Concerns and controversies

10.40 am

Morning screen break

10.50 am

From home health to enterprise: Continuity and secure transition between healthcare settings

  • Leverage real-time secure communications and data exchange with patients, partners and health ecosystems to cater to the growing need for patient-centered care
  • Tackling virtual care security challenges and mitigating risks
  • Re-architect IT infrastructure for secure data access, agile engagement and accelerated innovation amid evolving regulations

11.30 am

Interoperability among vendors: Building a successful health data interoperability team

  • Learn how to integrate data silos and data capabilities in the cloud by optimising cloud architectures
  • Breaking down barriers to information sharing and interoperability by collaborating across the health data landscape.
  • Understanding how different departments interact data-wise and unifying all data management systems

12.10 pm


1.10 pm

Panel Discussion: On-demand care to patients: Technology for the care-at-home gap

  • Bridging outpatient and inpatient care to reduce healthcare utilisation
  • Managing the conditions of ageing patients while keeping costs under control
  • Maintaining high-quality care and high-growth care simultaneously and successfully
Hoan My Medical Corporation - John Masud Parvez

Panellist: Heitham Hassoun

Vice President and Medical Doctor

2.00 pm

Data-driven healthcare: Track and monitor complex sets of health-related data

  • Developing dashboards to translate insights into action to define the appropriate point of care.
  • Delivering better clinical outcomes at a lower cost, as well as increasing demands for digitisation and virtual health services
  • Addressing data gaps early to successfully deliver more accurate performance outcomes
Hoan My Medical Corporation - John Masud Parvez

Speaker: Abdullah Saleem

Group Chief Information Officer
OMNI Hospitals, India

2.40 pm

Screen break


2.50 pm

Panel Discussion: Paying for value in telehealth

  • Addressing the future of payments and value in telehealth
  • How does reimbursement differ for medicare vs. private payers
  • Reviewing national and state-level policies impacting telehealth practice and reimbursement

3.30 pm

Accelerating the shift to value-care across the continuum

  • Transitioning from volume to outcome-based payment
  • Leverage technology to foster solid communication, including faster information exchange between hospitals and post-acute providers
  • How value-based payment directly impact the revenue received

4.10 pm

Closing Remarks

4.30 pm

End of day two