Agenda | DAY 1

8.50 am

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9.00 am

Opening Remarks


9.15 am

Panel discussion: Reimagine care management and innovative new patient-centered models

  • Redefining value in a new patient provider relationship
  • Discussing new models such as community- and home-based, virtual, and mobile care
  • Using online coaching and technology augmented engagement with patients
Hoan My Medical Corporation - John Masud Parvez

Moderator: John Masud Parvez

Chief Information Officer & Director of Technology
Hoan My Medical Corporation, Vietnam
Gain insights

Panellist: Bruce Leong

Director, Technology & Strategy
Mount Alvernia Hospital, Singapore
10.00 am

Augmented vs human touch in patient care: A sensitive approach to digital technology in healthcare

  • Connecting minds and machines to sharpen insights for practitioners and providers that improve the delivery of patient care.
  • Driving patient empowerment with connected healthcare.
  • Making digital platforms accessible and attractive for patients
Gain insights

Speaker: Stephen Chan

Chief Medical Informatics Officer
Woodlands Health Campus, Singapore
10.40 am

Morning screen break


The Innovation Spotlight is a 15 minute-presentation dedicated to engage with the many healthcare professionals attending the event. Showcase your healthcare solutions with a thought leadership approach to get noticed as a market leader while you forge partnerships with organisations that are investing in the next big thing – Digital Health!

10.50 am

Moderator’s Opening Remarks

10.55 am

Remote health: Monitoring, detecting and preventing illness

  • Investing on wearable technologies to continuously monitor and detect illness through real time patient-generated data analysis
  • Exploring on how new connectivity disrupts traditional care models
  • Assessing remote and centralized monitoring tools to ensure data quality, site support and patient safety

11.05 am

Virtual triage online: Finding the right care

  • Exploring virtual triage measurable results from real-world patient data
  • Will virtual triage improve patient experience, safety & quality?
  • Demonstrating a virtual triage tool

11.25 am

Assessing patient with in-home sensors using VR

  • Speeding up patient’s recovery time
  • Improving digital interactions to elevate care and improve patient satisfaction
  • How VR is changing patient experience both in the hospital and at home
11.45 am

Combined Live Q&A

12.00 am

Lunch break

1.00 pm

Panel discussion: Merging with tech giants and start-ups: Building a sustainable Asian healthcare innovation & start-up ecosystem

  • The regional concerns on cost, affordability and treatment efficacy
  • Investment outlook for the APAC region
  • Fostering innovation
1.40 pm

Digital health and consumerism in building a digital patient journey

  • Accelerating new ways of reaching patients and creating an unparalleled experience for consumers
  • Building a culture of innovation and resilience to accelerate your digital strategy
  • Learning from consumer brands about developing inclusive patient pathways, including the importance of convenience, value and personalisation
Gain insights

Speaker: Dr. Dini Handayani

Medistra Hospital, Indonesia

2.20 pm

Screen break

2.30 pm

Panel session: Integrating digital interventions into health systems

  • Develop costed implementation plans for digital health within one or more health programme areas.
  • Tackling the issues and challenges resulting from merging public health and digital health.
  • Aligning with national digital architecture, country readiness, health system and policy goals.
NSW Health - Dr. Zoran Bolevich

Panellist: Dr. Zoran Bolevich

Chief Executive, eHealth NSW, Chief Information Officer
NSW Health, Australia

3.10 pm

Shifting from sick care to prevention through personalised care

  • Establishing polices and frameworks for preventive care
  • Laying the foundation for equitable and affordable access to tailored care
  • Enhancing knowledge of the current healthcare environment in APAC

3.50 pm

Fireside chat: Assessing the value of digital health technologies

  • Identifying the types of data available and required to assess the value of digital health services
  • Understanding the impact beyond the healthcare sector
  • Discussing on the methods available for assessing the impact of the digital health technologies
NUS - Adam Chee

Moderator: David Boucher

Chief of Service Excellence, Group/Corporate Level
Aster DM Healthcare, Dubai

NUS - Adam Chee

Guest Speaker: Dr. Adam Chee

Chief, Smart Health Leadership Centre
Institute of System Science (ISS), National University of Singapore (NUS)

4.20 pm

End of day one

4.30 pm

Closing Remarks